Wow time flies! Three months since the last review of my time spent during sabbatical have gone by. I thought it would be useful to take a whole afternoon to reflect on the steps I've taken and also think about the direction I want to take.

Things I've done & learnt so far

  • I got my A2 motorbike permit :D
  • I learnt to make a couple new recipes with toasts.
  • I finally threw in the beach a couple Chinese lanterns with a friend in our hometown holiday, we used to forget every year!
  • I completed the PADI Open Water Diver Course, it is the first begginer's certification in scuba diving. There are some others worldwide recognized as SSI. It was also the first time I did scuba diving and I loved it.
  • I tried Surf for the first time but it was not the most pleasant experience. I have been snowboarding for years and thought I could transfer some knowledge but they turn to be two quite different worlds.
  • I have done Yoga for the first time. I really enjoyed it!
  • I learnt how to say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in Chinese and I am quite proud of it.
  • I learnt how Singapore went for a fisherman's village to the technological & economical hub it is today.
  • I learnt about the arrival of Islam to Malaysia.
  • I learnt about the history of Bali and it's colonization past with the Dutch.
  • I started a small programming project involving MindMaps, but don't really devote much time to it.

Things I would like to do

I think it is better to keep this to myself, there are so many things that I am afraid that if I share all them and don't do at least the majority, I come out as a failure. Better this way.


This months have given me quite a good perspective about life, myself and traveling. I've come to realize that success means different things to different people and that traveling as a means to achieve some kind of inner peace is often irrevelant, as that peace must come from whithin. I am definitely still working on that.

Have fun!