Here you can find some of the projects I've done either by myself or while working for my employer but are open source, that might be considered interesting. Some were fun, some not, but at least I learn with all of them.

  • mu-bde-logging: provide out-of-the-box automatic logging of your running docker containers, and make the data available on ElasticSearch & Kibana for further analysis and visualization. It was developed for the Big Data Europe project. Code is available here.

  • phaser-typescript-portfolio: I wanted to write an interactive portfolio like the one from Daniel Sternlicht, also featured here, so I wrote a very simple one-level RPG like using the Phaser game library and typescript. Code is available here.

  • docker-watcher: Keep track of running docker containers and analyze network traffic usage. Code here.

  • Oferteos: Oferteos is a simple bargain aggregator site for spanish customers where you can browse through multiple offers coming from several different online shops.

All the code I write is available in my github repository.