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18 Mar 2017

Hello World!


Once again I moved from my old half-handmade custom website, and my blog powered by the Nibbleblog engine, to this fancy Ghost instance with a custom theme, recommended by Eugenio Estrada.

All this is with the intent of structuring a little better my online presence and not having to fiddle around with an outdated and discontinued blog engine, in addition of the facewash I wanted to apply into my personal site(brand).

I know this current design may not be the best eye candy ever, but I like the sobriety, clarity and simplicity of it. Since I read this talk's transcription I have been paying attention to web performance, user experience and design with special care.

I know I could have installed by hand a simple html skeleton and sprinkle some javascript on top of it. And I specially notice the irony on having mentioned web obesity previously and then rolling my site here, but I am willing to accept the tradeoff of such a nice and simple to use blogging platform as Ghost and therefore sending a bigger payload to users than to lose any more time in configuration and deployment of a slimmer blog engine.

Furthermore, this blog as always will serve as my personal hodgepodge of rants, reflections and technical blog posts that will only represent my and only my opinions.

Without further ado,

Follow the rabbit hole!

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