Esteban Sastre

Esteban Sastre

There are no fixed rules that work in every situation

29 May 2018

Understanding requestAnimationFrame

requestAnimationFrame is a basic construct when creating web based animations. This article aims to explain it in an approachable way.
09 May 2018

A primer on Pretty Good Privacy

The basic introduction to PGP nobody asked me to write.
30 Apr 2018

Sabbatical two months update

An update on what I've been wasting my time into while enjoying my 'gap yah' (more like eight month-is)
09 Jan 2018

Year 2017 review and resolutions

A cursory review of year 2017, what has been accomplished and the upcoming resolutions.
20 Dec 2017

mdlink: Linking multiple node modules with a single command

I wrote a tool to 'npm link' multiple node modules for development within a single project.