Esteban Sastre

Esteban Sastre

There are no fixed rules that work in every situation

14 Apr 2019

Oh no, I forgot my PGP private key's passphrase

Describing the situation I've come accross some many times I had to write about it. Losing my PGP keys again...
10 Feb 2019

Making POST requests work with Django tests

Making POST request work with Django testing framework
22 Oct 2018

Writing a simple Inverted Index in Python

What is this Inverted Index technique that ElasticSearch and other text search engines seem to use? I implement a very simple version of it for fun and learning.
03 Aug 2018

Sabbatical five months update

Again your personal stuff Esteban? I know, let me indulge in writing this journal to remember in the future the silly things of the past.
18 Jun 2018

How to choose your next tech side project

Sometimes the worst nightmare of a developer is not knowing on which project he can embark next. This article gives insight on how to find your next idea.