Hello, I'm Esteban! I am a Fullstack Developer especially interested in frontend development and the Web in pretty much all it's forms.


After finishing my computer science degree I decided to take my chances outside Spain and look for a job abroad. My goal is to travel the world growing both personally and professionally while delivering high quality software that caters on stability, scalability and performance. For now, now I am living in Belgium and I work for a local company.

I develop primarily single page applications in javascript (coffeescript, typescript, es6), html & css, but due to the requirements and projects I do at my job I am also familiar with ruby, python & bash scripting.

My interests vary among several fields of computer programming, but I am especially enthusiastic in frontend/web development, web performance, and web security fields.

I strongly believe that the internet ought to be free and privacy should come for granted when developing applications for it, focusing primarily on the web as its main canalyzer.

I am also very passionate about learning new languages. I can maintain a decent conversation in Spanish, Galician, Portuguese, French or English! I also understand Italian and a little bit Dutch. Human languages are special each one in it's own way.

If you are:

  • A startup or medium sized company with a web application project going on and need some additional help.
  • A startup with an existing web application and realized that after the initial release, you need user growth and rapid conversion, and frontend performance plays a main role on it.
  • A company with an old codebase for your web application, and would like to either rewrite or gradually replace existing pieces of the application with new, more performant code.
  • An individual with a project idea in mind and would like to quickly implement a prototype to release.

Then you should reach out to me and hire me! ;)