Esteban Sastre

Esteban Sastre

Pretty much everything that crosses my mind, thoughts and ramblings

01 Apr 2020

Trappist Beer

What does trappist mean? a small introduction to Belgium's most well known beers.
01 Apr 2020

Writing Other Content

I've been ruminating about the fact of writing about other topics that are not strictly related to tech, and this is my reflection.
13 Mar 2020

Adding quotes to tmux status bar

Setting tmux right status bar to greet me with a funny quote periodically
08 Feb 2020

On Freedom

Reflections on Freedom when thinking about an old high school friend.
14 Apr 2019

Oh no, I forgot my PGP private key's passphrase

Describing the situation I've come accross some many times I had to write about it. Losing my PGP keys again...